Auckland based software company, Spoke Phone, has secured $1.3m in investment funding so far and anticipates raising $2m in total.  The bulk of the funds have been committed by Enterprise Angels, K1W1, Ice Angels, NZVIF and Flying Kiwi Angels.

Spoke replaces traditional business telephone systems with a simple to use mobile app, removing the need for wires, hardware, or any complicated setup and maintenance.  All you now need for a complete business phone system, are mobile phones on any carrier/network.  You simply download the app and can be set up within minutes.

Spoke provides a company directory, auto receptionist, call routing, call transfer, voicemail-to-text transcription, and more – all the features you would expect with a typical big PBX system.  But for the first time, New Zealand businesses can easily get local and free-phone numbers all around the world.  Employees in any country can talk to each other with one tap, and businesses can easily connect to customers globally. Some of the features to be launched soon include one touch conference calls, call recording, and AI (artificial intelligence) powered voice transcription to text, for the automated creation of call notes.

Founded in September 2016, this young New Zealand startup have a great team who have already built and exited multiple businesses.  Spoke Phone’s founder, Jason Kerr was one of the team that patented the original protocols for 2-way TXT messaging; their CTO, Kieron Lawson, built a call centre stack supporting 30,000 concurrent calls/agents; and their Chairman, John Sims, helped lead the Blackberry turn around.

“Early stage investing is inherently risky and one of the biggest drawcards of this opportunity for us is the team.  If an entrepreneur has done it before, the odds of success are greatly improved.  We’ve been working with Jason Kerr since February throughout the due diligence process and have been really impressed with what we’ve seen.” Enterprise Angels Manager, Nina Le Lievre says.

Spoke’s target market are SME businesses, with 5-100 employees that have mobile and/or remote workforces, operating in professional industries/services.  These companies don’t want infrastructure and happily use their mobile phones for business use. 98% of companies in New Zealand (and globally), have less than 20 employees, and 40% of the workforce will be mobile/remote workers by 2020.  “Due to our target market of SMEs, we’re excited about our recent partnership with The Warehouse, and are already seeing some great results just days after the official launch.” says Jason Kerr, CEO of Spoke.  From July 2018 Spoke will target teams within larger companies – sales, customer support, and project teams.

Registered investors on AngelEquity can find out more on the Spoke Phone investment offer page.