Investment Offers

Well what a year it’s been for Enterprise Angels and AngelEquity investors and startups! In the 2018 calendar year, we facilitated the investment of $6.7m in promising startups with almost $1m of that being settled in the 2 weeks before Christmas! You will find a summary of the latest deals below.

A highlight of the year was the distributions we made of $2.7m to over 100 investors for returns from Engender, SwipedOn, Onesixone and Volpara Health Technologies.

Soon it’s time for some R&R after we wrap things up for our Christmas break. We certainly look forward to what 2019 will bring particularly in the way of innovations, impact and investment!

We wish all our members, investors, founders and followers a safe and happy Christmas.




MarginFuel provides Dynamic Pricing Software for Rental Car and Mobility-as-a-Service operators to maximise profits. 31 customer brands. High growth. >$3m immediate implementation pipeline.

Raised $1.3m.


Moxion uses proprietary technology in the filming industry to turn ‘Dailies’ into ‘Immediates’, with camera footage and metadata that can be streamed to anywhere in the world, seconds after the camera has stopped recording. This is Moxion’s second round of funding with EA and their SaaS product is now proven at the most demanding levels.

Raised $1.8m.

Mint Innovation

Mint Innovation has developed a pioneering biometallurgical process that utilises microbes to extract gold from complex, low value feedstocks such as electronic waste (e-waste). E-waste is the largest growing waste stream in the world with a metallic value of ~ $60 billion USD in 2016. Most of this value is currently lost in landfill or to the overseas shipment to pyrometallurgical facilities for processing. Mint’s patented low cost process creates a local opportunity to extract significant quantities of gold from e-waste.

Raised $5.2m.  See press release.

Synthase Biotech

Synthase Biotech has a proprietary enzyme (AOS) which dramatically extends the life of living tissue with applications in humans and animals. Initial product focus is extending the life and viability of bull semen in the artificial insemination industry.

Seeking $5m. 

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Spoke’s current offering turns mobile phones into a complete business phone system in 3 minutes or less. Clients don’t need desk phones, hardware, wires, or an IT guy to make it all work.  In July they are planning to release Spoke for Teams, centred around call productivity – phone calls that take notes, assign tasks, and write follow up actions while you talk.

The Spoke Team are a proven SaaS software operating team, who have built and exited multiple businesses, the last producing $85M of recurring SaaS revenues. Their founder patented the original protocols for TXT messaging, their CTO built a call centre stack supporting 30,000 concurrent calls/agents, and their Chairman was the COO who led the Blackberry turn around.

First close of $1.5m achieved in June. Raised a further $200k to achieve a total of $1.7m.


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