We are currently undergoing due diligence with Eye-Fly and Firstcheck. We want to hear your feedback – get in touch and tell us what you think the key risks and opportunities are for these two companies.  Results will be out in a few weeks… Watch this space!

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Eye-Fly is a B2B video capture and distribution service for adventure tour operators. It provides an end-to-end video solution increasing profits and brand reach for helicopter, aircraft, whitewater raft, and jet boat tours. Eye-fly host the videos on its cloud platform for worldwide viewing on mobile (and fixed) devices. Its platform includes proprietary “immersive” viewer. Clients install Eye-fly’s unique “plug & play” hardware and use it to produce and distribute memento videos to their customers. Hardware is supplied on a lease model, so the ROI for the clients is infinite and they are cash positive on day one. Eye-Fly receives a share of the video sales price.

Seeking $600k.

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Parcelport is a freight aggregator platform, to their customers, they are the one stop courier company. It is one of the largest couriers in NZ by vehicle number without owning any vehicles. The company is responsible for sales and booking while the actual carrier companies are responsible for pickup and delivery of the parcels. Parcelport optimizes, synchronizes, and manages your shipping operations to save you time and money. You can get quotes from multiple carriers, print shipping labels and documentation, book, track and manage across multiple carriers under one Parcelport account.

Seeking $600k. 

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Firstcheck is saving lives and improving patient outcomes! The company is revolutionizing skin cancer screening to achieve the early detection and e-triage of skin cancer and other skin conditions. Firstcheck has developed a unique and scalable solution to provide affordable, convenient and reliable skin checks, anytime, anywhere. Teledermatology is now clinically proven and accepted as a priority telemedicine specialty for large scale implementation and represents a large and growing market. Firstcheck has first mover advantage in AUS/NZ direct to consumer market.

Seeking $1.2m. 

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LawVu is the world’s first legal operations platform, built from the ground up to meet the needs of 21st century legal departments. It seamlessly replaces manual systems such as Outlook and Excel as the system of record. This means all legal issues, contracts, knowledge, relationships and insights can be managed together in a modern, intuitive system that augments the work being done today while providing a technology-enabled pathway to the future.

Seeking $2.5m. 

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Evnex designs and builds intelligent electric vehicle charging solutions. The company provides an interoperable software as a service platform for managing charging stations via the cloud. Customers can use their dashboard to view energy usage, reporting functionality and manage access to charging stations. Evnex has access to live and historic data across their network that they can use to optimise charging costs. Evnex is on a mission to build something big, a company with a great culture, and to enable sustainable transport.

Raised $920k. 

Synthase Biotech

Synthase Biotech has a proprietary enzyme (AOS) which dramatically extends the life of living tissue with applications in humans and animals. Initial product focus is extending the life and viability of bull semen in the artificial insemination industry.

Seeking $5m. 

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