There are plenty of investment offers in the pipeline for AngelEquity investors after the surge in deal flow in August.  From the Enterprise Angels pitch event in August, two deals have made it through Due Diligence with a positive outcome, SwipedOn and DROPIT.  We have four companies pitching this week in Tauranga and Hamilton so watch this space for some more exciting deals. Check out the links below to find out more and register interest in these deals and more.

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Mastaplex Ltd is poised to become a leading provider of point-of-care diagnostic tests for mastitis in dairy cows, supporting veterinarians and farmers around the globe with antibiotic treatment decisions. The company’s products and services support disease management, improved food quality, and combat against antimicrobial resistance.

Why we like Mastaplex: Strong founder and Chair, large worldwide market, well organised company with a superior product that addresses a serious dairy industry problem.

Mastaplex in the News: Otago Daily Times reports “Dunedin produces mastitis diagnostics”, read more here.

Mastaplex will be closing on AngelEquity at 12pm, Monday 23 October.

Mastaplex is seeking $750K.

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WaterSaver has been brought to AngelEquity by Nelson Angels.

WaterSaver is an electronic device that automatically cuts power to a pressure pump when it has run for a maximum uninterrupted time. WaterSaver is to tank water owners what a spare tyre is to car owners. WaterSaver mitigates the risk of water loss and provides the owner with peace of mind. With the purchase price being spread over many years it is a very affordable solution.

Why we like Watersaver: Simple product designed to address a common and costly problem. The price of the product has a very quick ROI and the valuation of the company is reasonable.

Watersaver is now closing and is completing their capital raise with local angels.


DROPIT is an innovator in sports fan engagement. They have developed a Mass Audience Activation Platform (“MAAP”) which connects an audience during half time, directly and simultaneously to a stadium-wide reverse auction event.  DROPIT operates in the US$15 billion major league and college sports sponsorship market in the US. The innovative reverse auction product delivers high levels of fan engagement for sponsors and generates valuable consumer data for sports teams and their sponsors.

Why we like DROPIT: Exciting product targeting a growing pain point with in-stadium marketing. Strong, well-connected team and advisory board, all with skin in the game. Efficient and effective sales and marketing processes, excellent high profile customers in the pipeline and operating in an active M&A industry.

Mid-September brought more good news – DROPIT has scored a slam dunk in the world’s premier basketball league after signed a three-year deal with the NBA’s Phoenix Suns. Read more here.

DROPIT successfully raised NZ$5.2m.


Launched in 2013, SwipedOn has built an elegant iPad based Visitor Management solution.  The system is used by almost 1100 companies worldwide and is set to handle almost two million visitors in the next 12 months.  SwipedOn is experiencing solid growth and is based in Tauranga, with ancillary staff in Auckland, South Africa and Pakistan.

Why we like SwipedOn: Eager, motivated team. The company is consistently growing revenue and already has great traction with ~$800K of ARR. The company has low churn for the industry it operates in and a reasonable valuation of $3.5m (~4.5x ARR).

SwipedOn successfully raised NZ$785k.

Synthase Biotech

Oxidative stress is a huge challenge in biological systems. Oxidation of lipids (fats) in cell membranes creates highly toxic lipid peroxides (LPOs) that go on to kill cells and cause great damage in living things, preserved tissues and organs, and in food.

Synthase Biotech’s proprietary plant enzyme, AloxsynTM , wipes out lipid peroxides at an extraordinary metabolic rate and acts as a highly potent defence against oxidative stress. Early data in rats indicates AloxsynTM has great promise in remediating the impacts of heart attacks and strokes, and more pervasive inflammation caused by oxidative stress.

Why we like Synthase: Credible, focussed team, lab trials exceeding expectations, worldwide market with many application opportunities.

Synthase successfully raised $1.4m, with new investors missing out, however we have now been advised that the company is seeking a further $300k to cater for any investors that missed out.

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Conscious Consumers

Conscious Consumers is a technology platform that connects consumers with businesses that share their values. The platform charges businesses for real-time insights on the issues their existing and potential customers care about, and provides an opportunity to promote their business to these consumers – and track the new spending that results. Via a free app, consumers are informed about the sustainable practices of local businesses, can encourage more good behaviour/practices with a simple swipe of their credit card, and receive rewards that align with their values and make a difference in the world.  Due Diligence has been syndicated by angel groups across New Zealand.

Conscious Consumers is seeking $2.8m.

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The Social Club

The Social Club is an influencer marketing platform, connecting over 3,000 influencers (people with large followings on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) with 300 brands (Coca Cola, Visa, Lion Breweries, BMW) and agencies to run campaigns. Due Diligence is underway.

The Social Club is seeking $1m.

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Datagate is a cloud-based, secure online billing portal solution for resellers of usage-based services (such as Telco, Utility and Cloud services) and their customers. Datagate manages the data aggregation, rating, billing, and analysis of service usage. Datagate has proven its offering in New Zealand and is now entering the North American market.  The rapid world-wide growth of reselling on-line services and the ‘as-a-service’ approach to business, is driving very strong demand for specialized service billing and customer reporting solutions for resellers, such as Datagate.

Members of Datagate’s board and management team have proven track records in building successful tech start-ups. Mark Loveys, CEO, was previously a co-founder of three startups; Exonet, Datasquirt and EMS-Cortex – all of which were sold for values between $15m and $33m. Malcolm MacDonald was co-founder of BankLink which sold to MYOB in 2013 for $136m. Jens Neiser is a successful German and Australian investor and former managing partner of Boston Consulting.

Datagate is seeking up to $2m.

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