See below for a summary of our prospective and open investment offers.  As we prepare for another pitch night in mid September, we are looking at some interesting new deals (watch this space!) and closing off some successful deals – Goodnest and Retirement Income Group.  Due diligence complete on Goodnest, JRNY, Heilala Vanilla, Synthase Biotech and Mastaplex and we are accepting commitments in these deals, register interest below.  Mint Innovation is undergoing due diligence.

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Mint Innovation

Mint Innovation has developed a pioneering biometallurgical process that utilises microbes to extract gold from complex, low value feedstocks such as electronic waste (e-waste). E-waste is the largest growing waste stream in the world with a metallic value of ~ $60 billion USD in 2016. Most of this value is currently lost in landfill or to the overseas shipment to pyrometallurgical facilities for processing. Mint’s patented low cost process creates a local opportunity to extract significant quantities of gold from e-waste.

Seeking $5m. 

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Mastaplex Ltd is poised to become a leading provider of veterinary point-of-care diagnostic tests and digital health services. The company’s first application is in mastitis in dairy cows supporting veterinarians and farmers around the globe with antibiotic treatment decisions. The company’s products and services support disease management, improved food quality, and combat against antimicrobial resistance.

Seeking $750k. 

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Synthase Biotech

Synthase Biotech has a proprietary enzyme (AOS) which dramatically extends the life of living tissue with applications in humans and animals. Initial product focus is extending the life and viability of bull semen in the artificial insemination industry.

Seeking $5m. 

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Set to become the Uber of trades & services, Goodnest provides an on-demand booking platform that connects customers to tradespeople & service providers using their web & phone application. Given the majority of consumers are now looking for on-demand services, predominantly from their mobile phones, Goodnest is poised to disrupt this market, providing a better experience that saves the customer time and money.

Goodnest is led by twice exited entrepreneur James MacAvoy, and backed by some of NZ’s most successful investors including Sam Morgan (Trademe), Sir Stephen Tindall and Shane Bradley (GrabOne).

Raised $1m.

Heilala Vanilla

Using organic growing and fair trade principles, Tauranga based Heilala Vanilla is an exceptional product with an authentic brand story. Thanks to their proprietary extraction process which creates the pure vanilla extract ingredient for all their value added products, Heilala Vanilla’s product range is so good that it is now used in some of the top restaurants in the world.

Seeking $3m.

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Powered by Artificial Intelligence, the smarts of JRNY drastically improves customer conversion rates by having personalised conversations with every lead! This saves time, resources and improves companies’ bottom line. JRNY is distinctly different from other AI sales tools because the product focuses on the emotional needs of individuals, just as a real life sales person would, rather than just a streamlining processes.

JRNY is a SaaS business that has shown strong growth in ARR since January 2018.

Seeking $1m.

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Retirement Income Group

The Retirement Income Group (RIG) is an annuity provider for the New Zealand market, enabling retirees to turn existing or future lump sums into guaranteed income for life. The income level will typically be set as a fixed percentage of the value of the lump sum. This type of product has been available for a number of decades across much of the developed world, although it fell out of favour in NZ many years ago and has at times struggled in other parts of the world. RIG believes that not only has it addressed the problems experienced elsewhere in the world, it has also positioned itself in a currently unique position for the large number of KiwiSavers due to retire in the next few years. Click here to view their website.

Raised $4.9m.

Wing Acoustics

Wing Acoustics has reinvented the loudspeaker, developing the world’s first rigid audio driver (the acousticWING®) that delivers the purest sound ever heard combined with the deepest, distortion-free, bass. It looks like nothing seen before. They have been working on this revolutionary tech for over a decade, but really hit their straps around six years ago, when they created what has been described by some of the world’s foremost audio engineers as “The world’s best headphones”. Wings aim to license this technology and further innovation, either directly to audio manufacturers and brands or in joint development with audio manufacturers. Click here to view their website.

Seeking US$2m. 

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Spoke’s current offering turns mobile phones into a complete business phone system in 3 minutes or less. Clients don’t need desk phones, hardware, wires, or an IT guy to make it all work.  In July they are planning to release Spoke for Teams, centred around call productivity – phone calls that take notes, assign tasks, and write follow up actions while you talk.

The Spoke Team are a proven SaaS software operating team, who have built and exited multiple businesses, the last producing $85M of recurring SaaS revenues. Their founder patented the original protocols for TXT messaging, their CTO built a call centre stack supporting 30,000 concurrent calls/agents, and their Chairman was the COO who led the Blackberry turn around.

First close of $1.5m achieved. We will be checking back in with Spoke in August/September as we conclude the final close of this round up to $2.5m.

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