Why raise with us?

Minimise the time your executive team invests in capital raising.

Maximise Investment

Maximise the quantity of investment and quality of investors by listing your company on AngelEquity.


Our platform connects companies already in the process of fundraising, (having already secured a minimum 25% of the funding target from an angel network) with a sophisticated crowd of wholesale investors without extra effort.

Angel Deals

AngelEquity only lists deals from companies that have worked with the formal angel investment networks represented in New Zealand by the Angel Association of New Zealand. There are no additional due diligence, term negotiation or changes to legal documentation, beyond the work you’ve already done with your angel investors.

Wholesale Investors

Only experienced and wealthy (Wholesale) investors can then invest in your business through AngelEquity with a minimum investment of $5,000.

Angel Terms

They will invest under the same terms, through the same mechanism as your angel groups’ and help close your round quickly and efficiently.

Raise capital with AngelEquity and you will join a new wave of companies efficiently completing funding rounds by using the powerful combination of expertise and investment from New Zealand’s formal angel networks, and the reach technology provides to acquire crowds of wholesale investors.