How to raise with us

List on AngelEquity to fulfil your capital needs using the same information you used to secure angel investment.

1. Pitch to business angels

You will need to gain the support of angel investors, or other professional investors, to list on AngelEquity. Our platform only lists deals which have experienced investors committed to investing their capital who have completed due diligence and can provide a report.  If you haven’t got angels on board yet, make contact with an angel network here or contact us and we’ll connect you.

2. Agree on terms and investment

After conducting due diligence, angels will agree on a term sheet, valuation and investment amount with you. They will then invest. Once you’ve secured at least 25% of your funding round you or your angel investor can contact us to list on AngelEquity.

3. List your deal on AngelEquity to complete your funding round

Subject to the AngelEquity teams’ review of due diligence, terms, and committed investment you will be invited to list on our platform. Contact us and we’ll let you know what is required.

4. AngelEquity members invest

When your investment information is approved, AngelEquity will list your company. Wholesale investors will be able to review your information and invest in your company. You can (and should!) then engage with these potential investors by answering their questions. AngelEquity will provide you regular updates on investments made into your business.

5. Completing your funding round

When your company reaches 100% of its target (or its overfunding target), and all the legal documentation is completed, the money is transferred into your company’s bank account.