How and why we work with angel networks

Our crowdfunding platforms aim is to meet investee company’s capital needs efficiently so companies can get on with growing great businesses.

For founders, business owners and angel networks the benefit of working with AngelEquity is that we help them reach funding targets for investee companies quickly and efficiently. This allows the founder or business owner to focus on what’s most important, building the business.

Formal angel networks present a valuable concentration of business knowledge, experience, and acumen. They meet regularly, work together, the majority subscribe to the Angel Association of New Zealand, its principles of practice and use its professional development services. All this gives us at AngelEquity confidence that rigour, expertise and knowledge from sophisticated, skilled people are applied to each company’s seed, startup or expansion plan.

We only list angel backed deals to maximise the potential of returns for both angels and AngelEquity’s registered investors. Working with Angel networks means we can be sure the highest calibre of business people are striving to give each company we list the greatest chance of success.

Syndication between Angel Groups is commonplace.

AngelEquity now brings an even wider market, using crowdfunding, to the syndication equation.