Confidentiality Policy

All information regarding any investment offers or investee companies obtained through AngelEquity is confidential, containing information proprietary to the companies. The information provided and/or received is not to be disclosed to any person outside of AngelEquity under any circumstances without the express written permission of AngelEquity. By registering as an investor on AngelEquity, you acknowledge that you have accepted and will protect the confidentiality of the entrepreneurs/investee companies/investment offers.

You agree to maintain at all times (including beyond any involvement with AngelEquity) the absolute confidentiality of any information about AngelEquity members and potential investments that you may access as part of the your involvement with AngelEquity and which information is not generally available to and known by the public (but not because the Investor or anyone the Investor is responsible for has disclosed it).

You agree not to use, or copy, the Information for any purpose other than making your own investment decision.

You understand and accept that any breach of confidentiality may incur liability for all losses, damages, costs and expenses that may occur as a result of any unauthorised disclosure or misuse of confidential information on the part of the you or any representative or employee of yours.