Successful AngelEquity investing

Making investing straightforward and accessible for wholesale investors is why we’ve created AngelEquity. Review, decide, invest – we’ve made the process simple for you.

However, to maximise your chances of being a successful investor, we recommend you make a plan for your early stage investing.

“Angel investing is not for the fainthearted or those who prefer to extract their funds whenever they have an urgent need. It has relatively high risks associated with it and relatively long periods before harvesting occurs. Before you jump into the pond, it is worth spending some time working out whether this type of investment is really for you as well as how much involvement you want in sourcing, evaluating and managing investments. Perhaps, most of all – why are you contemplating doing it?”

Tom McKaskill

First, you should decide how much you wish to invest in this space and divide that number by 10. This figure is the size of each investment you should make to have a portfolio of 10 investments.

When considering investments in businesses that you understand and have expertise in, you might wish to invest a larger sum, in sectors where you have less experience, your investments are likely to be modest. Everyone’s investment plan will be different depending on their risk profile, expertise, the amount available for investment and time available to devote to building your portfolio.

The best strategy is not to invest all at once. Consider opportunities and invest your funds over a period. You should also remember that companies you invest in often require further funding. If you don’t wish your shareholdings to become diluted, reserve a portion of your funds for future rounds.

To get more information about building an investment portfolio speak with the members of a formal angel network.

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