Investment Offers Update

Investment Offers Last week in Tauranga and Hamilton, Enterprise Angels members and guests saw some interesting tech opportunities pitch: Beany (online accounting service), Friendly Manager (software for club management), Spoke (app that turns mobiles into [...]

Mastitis diagnostic company, Mastaplex, secures further angel and SCIF funding

Mastaplex, a startup based in Dunedin, has produced a diagnostic test kit to help farmers battle their most expensive animal health issue - bovine mastitis.   A year ago, Mastaplex secured $637,000 from experienced early stage investors [...]

AngelEquity is powered by Enterprise Angels!

AngelEquity is powered by Enterprise Angels (EA), the largest early stage investment network in New Zealand. We connect with: More than 1140 (and counting) potential investors 265 Active Investors 159 Active Angels We have made [...]

Who are our crowd? — Wholesale Investors

AngelEquity’s purpose is to enable wholesale investors to invest in angel-backed deals. But just who are wholesale investors? In New Zealand a wholesale investor can be an eligible investor, a wealthy person or finance professional. [...]

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What is equity crowdfunding?

Equity crowdfunding is how people (the “crowd”) can purchase shares (equity) in an early stage company not listed on a stock market. Until just recently, due to the inherent risks of investing in this type [...]

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