Enterprise Angels hosted an exciting line-up at their recent Showcase Event in Tauranga and Hamilton.

The event brought together close to 200 Enterprise Angels members and potential Wholesale Investors to hear and discuss early stage companies innovations in the areas of mastitis treatment, parasite management, visitor management, accounting, multimedia, and an exciting new platform offering Mass Audience Activation (MAAP).

After a brief welcome from Bill Murphy of Enterprise Angels, the companies listed below pitched.  If you were not able to make the event and would like further information on these opportunities, please use the links below to indicate your interest or invest directly.

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Showcase and sell your videos in the world’s largest marketplaces through your own custom branded video app.  VidApp provides a platform for anyone to create and release their own videos as vid-apps – the only apps specifically designed to showcase and sell video content to the world.  VidApp has proven traction with global customers and a major partnership with one of the world’s leading online video platforms – Pivotshare.

DD was led by Aidan Kenealy, a successful exited entrepreneur who has committed $100K to VidApp. EA member Julian So has also assisted with the DD.

Why we like VidApp: Well priced, the company has secured their first partnership deal and are operating in a young but developing market with a large target user base.

VidApp is seeking up to $650K, with $171K committed and an additional $150K indicative pre-pitch. 20  EA investors indicated investment interest and EA Fund 2 has confirmed $75K investment subject to sufficient EA member investment

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Mastaplex Ltd is poised to become a leading provider of point-of-care diagnostic tests for mastitis in dairy cows, supporting veterinarians and farmers around the globe with antibiotic treatment decisions. The company’s products and services support disease management, improved food quality, and combat against antimicrobial resistance.

Why we like Mastaplex: Strong experienced team, worldwide market, well organised company with a superior product.

Mastaplex is seeking up to $750K. Over $600K is committed by EA Members (including Neil Craig, Ian Macrae, Brian Bilas, Peter Tinholt, Alan Dick, Ian Greaves, Craig Wearne and Greg Russell), SCIF, EA Fund 2, K1W1 and other Angel investors.

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Beany is NZ’s Leading Online Accountant, using technology to disrupt the existing accounting services model. Beany provides the full range of accounting services for small and medium sized enterprises with a customer support focus at fixed low fee, providing certainty for our clients.  They do not compete with Xero, who are our partners, as Xero provides accounting software and Beany provides all the related accounting services such as preparation & filing of financial statements and tax returns, business advice and general advice and support.

Why we like Beany: Achieved breakeven, strong growth projected, low churn rates, no competition as yet, and well positioned for buyout.

Beany is seeking $580K 21 new EA investors indicated investment interest.  EA Fund 1 has also confirmed a $50K followon investment.

Move fast on this one, there may be a little room left in the round, so please confirm commitments asap and we will pro-rata as necessary.

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DROPIT is an innovator in fan engagement technology and sponsorship activation. They have developed a Mass Audience Activation Platform (“MAAP”) which connects an audience directly and simultaneously to a stadium-wide reverse auction event.  DROPIT operates in the US$15 billion major league and college sports sponsorship market in the US. The innovative reverse auction product delivers high levels of fan engagement for sponsors and generates valuable consumer data for sports teams and their sponsors.

DropIt is seeking US$5M and currently have over US$2m committed. 38 EA investors have indicated ~$300K of interest.

Why we like DropIt: Due Diligence commences this week – watch out for our DD findings on AngelEquity.

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Launched in 2013, SwipedOn has built an elegant iPad based Visitor Management solution.  The system is used by almost 1100 companies worldwide and is set to handle almost two million visitors in the next 12 months.  SwipedOn is experiencing solid MoM growth and is based in Tauranga, with ancillary staff also in Auckland, South Africa and Pakistan.

SwipedOn is seeking $700K and currently have ~$400K committed to the round. 25 new EA investors have indicated interest.

Why we like SwipedOn: Due Diligence commences this week – watch out for our DD findings on AngelEquity.

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Techion’s FECPAKG2 cloud based diagnostic platform is truly disruptive enabling on site instant analysis of biological samples.  Funding will enable Techion to realise maximum commercial value from the animal and human disease diagnosis industries.

Why we like Techion: Experienced board, cornerstone investor, well developed easy to use technology and scalable production.

Techion is seeking $5M. $3.5M already committed, from cornerstone investors and a $1.5M rights issue to existing shareholders about to commence. To enable participation for new investors oversubscriptions allowed up to $6m.

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Synthase Biotech

Oxidative stress is a huge challenge in biological systems. Oxidation of lipids (fats) in cell membranes creates highly toxic lipid peroxides (LPOs) that go on to kill cells and cause great damage in living things, preserved tissues and organs, and in food.

Synthase Biotech’s proprietary plant enzyme, AloxsynTM, wipes out lipid peroxides at an extraordinary metabolic rate and acts as a highly potent defence against oxidative stress. Early data in rats indicates AloxsynTM has great promise in remediating the impacts of heart attacks and strokes, and more pervasive inflammation caused by oxidative stress.

Why we like Synthase: Credible, focussed team, lab trials exceeding expectations, worldwide market with many application opportunities.

An outcome of due diligence has been, the Synthase team agreeing to increase the raise to $1.4m.  The founders have committed over $900K to this round and EA Fund 2 has confirmed that  it will take up its pro-rata allocation.

The offer will be extended to new investors on 16th August once the pre-emptive rights period is over.  Move fast on this one too – from early indications, this round is likely to be fully subscribed.

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