Why invest with us?

This platform is for accredited wholesale investors who understand the risk involved in investing in early-stage equities. You will be joining an exclusive group that marries expertise and capital. Sound interesting? Learn more.


Deals screened by experienced investors

Each early-stage business has been vetted, and invested in by experienced business angels before it is listed.


Continuous involvement in deals

Don’t invest and forget. You are regularly updated with the status of investees and are invited to participate in deals as they mature.


Access anytime, anywhere

Can’t make it to an investment meeting? No problem! Access key deal information through your registered investor status on AngelEquity.


Pre-emptive rights

All investors invest on the same terms and have the right to maintain their stake should an investee company enter another round of capital raising.


SCIF co-funding

The New Zealand Venture Investment Fund’s ‘Seed Co-Investment Fund’ is co-invested on the majority of deals backed by angels and listed on AngelEquity.


Backed by NZ Angels

The NZ angel investment community forms the backbone behind each deal, with syndicated opportunities sourced from multiple NZ angel groups.

“When I became a member of Enterprise Angels investment network ten years ago, I saw it as a way to give back to the business community. In fact, being an EA member has given back to me. I have increased my skills, mixed with a group of high calibre individuals, and I am constantly excited by the tremendous amount of innovation coming out of New Zealand. It’s fun to be a part of and contribute.”
Daryl French
“The thing I like about being an angel investor is “making widgets”. By that I mean doing something that is meaningful regarding driving economic growth, employment, and wealth creation. I love seeing fresh, new and innovative ideas, and being able to help turn them into commercial reality. I never cease to be amazed at the wide array of very clever stuff that we get to see as angel investors. And then, by our contribution of capital and often mentoring and contacts, the real buzz comes from seeing these start-up businesses grow and mature. From very humble beginnings we have built some of them up to become significant exporters, employers, and profitable enterprises.”
Murray Denyer
“Social interaction with like minded people, hearing new ways of making money and being ahead of the game.”
Neil Craig
“I love businesses and want to help businesses grow. I also believe investing in the fund is a great way to get exposure to companies I might not otherwise invest in and gives me a good portfolio experience.”
John Anderson
“New Zealand’s ecosystem needs new companies and I want to support people in this space. It’s my way of giving back by helping to build businesses and support growth of our economy. Another major reason is the truly interesting people and ideas that are in this space!”
Julian Elder
“Philosophically, I like the idea of investing capital into things that result in growth in the productive economy. Angel investing provides an opportunity to assist entrepreneurs with good ideas to take those ideas to market, and in doing so grow employment and GDP in NZ.”
Steve Howse
“I am passionate about supporting start-ups and love the rigor of due diligence and the perspective that other Angels bring to each investment opportunity.”
Beppie Holm

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AngelEquity aims to bring together Wholesale Investors and Business Angels with Entrepreneurs. It is this that sets us apart from most equity crowdfunding platforms.
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